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When you experience a session with Kathy, you will feel not just relaxed, but elevated out of your daily consciousness.


It is an experience that lifts you. It is peaceful and loving. Stress dissolves, leaving a feeling that 'everything is right'.

Kathy has a natural healing ability that has been honed by formalized training. I highly recommend Kathy Clayton as a healer and a kind, gentle soul.

Melody Krafft

“My first craniosacral therapy session from Katherine was amazing. I've never experienced anything like it! I felt deeply calm, relaxed, and connected to the universe around me. I was so relaxed I fell asleep.

Katherine intuitively knew which areas of my body were in need of healing. I could feel the energy flowing through me, to me it felt almost like magnetism. She explained exactly what she was doing and made sure I was comfortable.


The session brought so much body awareness for me. I truly felt like my body was a crumpled piece of paper smoothing out and relaxing.


The feeling of connection and wellbeing lasted after the session. It's the next day as I write this, and I'm still in that place of peace. I feel much more aware of my body and grateful for all that it does for me, I feel like I have more space in my life, and I feel more aware of which parts of my body need extra care. 

I'm excited to continue these sessions with Katherine. They are truly a gift. Thank you Katherine!!!

Testimonal Foster

Robin Foster

Image by Gabriel Jimenez
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